mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

ISIS Declares To Muslims In New Video To ‘Hunt Down, Terrorize, And Slaughter All The Christians Of Egypt’


Christianity is under attack in Muslim nations in ways not seen for centuries. It is nothing short of a genocide as Islamic groups such as ISIS with complicit governments allow these people to commit heinous violence against the Christians without limit, and all the while the Muslims brag about it.
In a recent story coming out of Egypt, ISIS has encouraged Muslims in a new video to commit genocide against the Christians, vowing to terrorize, hunt down, and destroy every last one of them:
In a newly released 20-minute video, ISIS’ media wing in Egypt encouraged fellow jihadists to terrorize and kill Christians across the country.
Around 10% of Egypt’s population identify as Christians and most adhere to the Coptic Orthodox branch of Christianity. The minority is frequently targeted by terror attacks from either ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood.
Generally, the Copts tend to support the Egyptian Army which has yet to halt the continuous Islamic State raids that plague the Sinai desert. (source)
Part of the video can be viewed on Twitter here:

Several days ago I wrote how in spite of the intentions to want Christians to stay in the Middle East and rebuild their areas, this was simply a pipe dream not based in reality. Christianity in the Middle East has become under intense threat as of late, and even the Christians themselves recognize that their future is at best questionable given the rise in Islamic orthodoxy combines with the improved methods of learning, communication, and more efficient weapons to deal out the same horrific deaths quicker and over larger numbers of people. Whether it is a the hands of a group like ISIS or outright persecution from a central government such as Turkey, the writing is on the wall just like it was for the Christians of Turkey during the Hamidian massacres of 1895 in the years before the great genocide of 1917- Christians in the Middle East are a hated, hunted people who are biding their time until their extermination.
Right now, we have a choice- either help the Christians of the Middle East as we can to escape to a safe location, or hope they can rebuild their current societies while most likely subjecting them to a fate of torture and death and then wondering what could have been done to stop it.

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